Retouch panel for Adobe Photoshop.

VShRetouchPannel – multifunctional extension for Adobe Photoshop for retouching.

The extension is a panel built into Adobe Photoshop designed to facilitate and speed up the work of the retoucher. The panel contains 4 tabs: "Split frequency", "Sharp", "Masks" and "Others".

The first tab "Split frequency" contains a set of buttons that allow you to perform both manual and automatic splitting into frequencies in various ways.

The "Gaussian low" and "Gaussian high" buttons produce manual image decomposition into 2 frequency bands using Gaussian blur. "Gaussian low" adjusts the blur focusing on low frequencies, and "Gaussian high" on high frequencies. Fast, but suitable for photos that do not contain high-contrast areas.

The "Surface low" and "Surface high" buttons work like the previous ones, but use the Surface blur filter to decompose into frequencies. Requires more computer resources but protects high contrast borders.

The buttons "Portrait (gauss.)" And "Portrait (surface)" are intended for automatic decomposition of portraits into two frequency bands.

The "Three frequency bands" button decomposes the image into 3 frequency bands.

The second tab "Sharp" contains four buttons for sharpening photos using various algorithms.

"Sharp High Pass" button allows you to sharpen the image using the "High Pass" filter.

"Sharp Surface Blur" button uses the "Surface blur" filter sharpening algorithm to prevent ghosting in high-contrast areas.

"Sharp K channel" button sharpens using CMYK black channel.

"Sharp for web" button automatically sharpens images based on size for web publishing.

The "Masks" tab creates various image channels to use as masks.

The "Midtones mask" button creates a channel for the midtones mask.

The "Saturation mask" button creates a channel for the saturation mask.

The "Masks from LAB channels" button creates LAB channels.

Button "Masks from CMYK channels" creates CMYK channels.

The "Others" tab includes various functionality for speeding up retouching that was not included in the previous tabs.

The "Dodge & burn with soft light" button creates a layer with a neutral gray fill for creating a light and shadow drawing using the "Dodge tool" and "Burn tool".

The "Dodge & burn with curves" button creates layers for creating a light and shade drawing using curves.

"Color balance" button for automatic color balance setting.

The "Light color balance" button is similar to the previous one, but acts more softly.


The archive contains a program for installing extensions.

If it is not installed by the program, then the manual installation instructions are here.

If the panels do not start, then double-click on the reg file for your version of Photoshop (the folder with the reg files in the archive), agree to make changes to the registry and restart your computer.

You can leave suggestions for improving or supplementing this panel in the comments on the extension page on the YouTube channel.